Behavioral Health Services for People Who Are Homeless Course Survey and Certificate

Your feedback is important to us in the goal of offering quality professional continuing education. Please answer the following questions as they relate to this course.

1. Defined homelessnesand prevalance.
2. Identified factors that contribute to homelessness.
3. Examined types of homelessness.
4. Explored homelessness and behavioral health services.
5. Reviewed attitudes towards people who are homeless.
6. Proposed self-care strategies for the behavioral health services worker.
7. Presented stages of recovery and rehabiliation out of homelessness.
8. Is this course applicable to your experience, licensure and education level?
9. Is this course relevanant to your current practice.
10. Difficulty level of material was appropriate for the course.
11. The overall quality of the course was appropriate for your professional licensure
12. The accessibility and technology of the course for web-based learning was appropriate for the course.
13. How did you discover