Email-based Exercises and Psychological Wellbeing Post-Test

Please complete the following questions. You must score at least an 80% or higher to pass the test. You have unlimited attempts to complete the test.

1. According to the text, numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of web-based lifestyle interventions for
2. Seligman et al (2005) demonstrated that all of the follow exercises were able to increase well-being EXCEPT
3. According to the text, email-based exercises seem to be a viable tool for improving well-being.
4. According to the study, individuals who chose _____________interventions at baseline had a lower level of feeling confidence in the future, feelings of gratitude, and higher levels of stress, but a healthier lifestyle than the group that chose the ______________ interventions.
5. The _____ showed higher improvements in psychological health than the other group for people starting interventions.
6. ____________ has as crucial an effect in the improvements gained from internet programs focusing on lifestyle improvement, as it has in positive psychological interventions.
7. According to the text, the central premise of the intervention was to address individual ___________.
8. The article suggests that positive psychology may be most successful when participants ______ the interventions and commit to them.
9. The research study found that due to the number of voluntary participants, email-based interventions can be_________ and are a(n) ________ method of promoting mental health.
10. In response to the results found in the study, it is suggested that internet-based interventions _________________ for people interested in improving their psychological well-being and lifestyle.