Exploring How Clients Experience the Therapeutic Relationship In Emotion-Focused Therapy Post-Test

1. Many therapists believe that ________________ is the main vehicle for change in the therapeutic environment.
2. _________ is an predictor of client outcomes.
3. Client’s felt validated and engage during vulnerable discussions when they felt the therapist was ____________.
4. According to the text, Emotion Focused Therapy integrates interventions from _____________ and __________.
5. _______ and _______ are central to the hypothetical mechanism of change in EFT.
6. According to the text, in hermeneutic single case efficacy research designs, clients described ________ and ______ as important in process-experiential or EFT.
7. All of the following are themes that were identified in the study EXCEPT
8. According to the study, some participants felt ________ in the beginning of therapy and expected more directed work with emotions during the early parts of therapy.
9. According to a participant in the study, how the therapist ______ to the expression of vulnerable emotions helped to establish a sense of trust.
10. When participants were met with acceptance and confirmation, in contrast to negative experiences in interactions with people in the past, is called____________.