Where is the text for the course I’ve selected?

The text material and post-test are both available for review on the course page. If you select the course, you will see a brief description of the course, and the icons that indicate the course material and post-test. All material is available for download prior to purchasing the course.

Who develops the courses?

Course material is obtained through a variety of sources ranging from public domain governmental researchers to academic researchers to licensed professionals, and from within our organization. Post-tests are developed in-house by Bryan Glazier, PhD, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

How do I earn credit hours?

It’s easy… choose the course, review or download the material and post test, and when ready, click purchase the test. Complete the test, and your certificate will be available immediately for download or print.

When are completed courses submitted to CEBroker?

Courses completed are submitted to CEBroker on Friday for courses completed that week.

What if I already have the book for book-based courses?

That’s great! You can use your own book. We have provided the link to Amazon for book-based courses as a convenience if you do not already have the book.

Will my state accept these continuing education courses?

Directceu, LLC is a Florida Board Approved Provider of Continuing Education Courses (BAP #20-491602). Outside the state of Florida, we cannot guarantee that these courses will be accepted, so please make sure to check with your licensing board.

What is the minimum passing score for the course in order to earn credit?

The minimum passing score for our courses is 85%.

I need the bios of the course presenter(s)?

We will include the biographical information for each course presenter on the course page for your convenience.

What is the grievance procedure?

If you are unhappy and would like to address a complaint, please click Here to see our grievance procedure.

Do you offer a refund?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee in which we will refund your purchase up until the post-test has been submitted. To begin the refund process, Contact Us.