Network Approach to PTSD and Dissociative Experiences Course Survey and Certificate

Please complete the following questions as it relates to your professional practice and development.

1. The course text defined D-PTSD.
2. The course examined the prevalance of D-PTSD.
3. The course explored the network persepective of mental disorders.
4. The course identified the association of dissociative symptoms and PTSD.
5. This course was applicable to my experience, licensure, and education level.
6. The presentation was effective.
7. Instructions for requesting accomodations for disability were clear.
8. The course text author's presentation of subject matter was clear.
9. The technology supported my learning.
10. The course technology was user friendly.
11. Overall, the technology for the course was effective.
12. This course was releveant to my current practice.
13. Course instructional material was useful.
14. The course text was of professional quality.
15. The difficulty level of material was appropriate for the course.
16. The overall quality of the course was appropriate for my professional licensure.
17. The accessibility of the course for web-based learning was appropriate for the course.
18. The "user-experience" was positive for this site.
19. Overall, this course was beneficial for my professional development.
20. The length of time to complete the course matches the number of CE credits awarded.
21. Course registration was user-friendly.
22. My questions or concerns were addressed in a timely manner.
23. How did you learn about
24. Please enter how long it took you to complete this course.