Network Approach to PTSD and Dissociative Experiences Post-Test

1. According to the text, individuals reported trauma related symptoms of depersonalization and _________ in addition to core PTSD symptoms.
2. The World Mental Health Survey found a prevalence of approximately _______ of respondents reported D-PTSD symptomology.
3. A factor analysis of the criteria utilized in the DSM-5 with a general population sample found a depersonalization/derealization variable that exhibited _______ loading with risk taking behaviors.
4. According to Borsboom & Cramer (2013, 2015), a network perspective is______.
5. The study by Knefet et al. (2016) found that nearly _______ of the participants reported symptoms of either depersonalization or derealization.
6. McBride and colleagues found a strong network connection between depersonalization and ______.
7. Which of the following is a 10 item self-report questionnaire that aims to address the board domain of dissociative experiences related to assessing D-PTSD?
8. According to the study, _______ was the most centralized symptom with the strongest connection in the network.
9. _______________ was/were the least central symptom of the study.
10. According to the study, ______________ tended to reveal symptom associations broadly consistent with the DSM-5 clusters