Stress and Coping in Esports Post-Test

Please complete the following questions. You must earn at 80% or higher in order to pass the post-test.

1. Pedraza-Ramirez et al. (2002) identified _____ and/or  ______ as key components that define esports.
2. By 2020, the total prize pools for esports will exceed _______.
3. Murphy (2009) proposes that, on a psychological level, similar _____ skill is required of esports athletes as traditional athletes.
4. All of the following were mental skills identified by Himmelstein et al. (2017) for optimal performance EXCEPT
5. Esports athletes acquired their skills from which of the following
6. Smith et al. (2019) found that all of the following were coping strategies esports athletes utilized EXCEPT ____________ coping.
7. _________ is the main framework that researchers have adopted in studying the process of coping with stress
8. The appraisal of which of the following is considered to be a “dynamic and recursive process between the individual and his/her environment”?
9. _________ is a disposition often considered influential for success in traditional sports.
10. ______ was found by Kaislere et al. (2009) to have association with lower levels of perceived stress and higher levels of emotional control.
11. The text study found that perceived stress control was influenced by _________.
12. Achievement level was significantly influenced by ______ according to the study in the text.
13. In the current study, esports athletes reported technical issues and _______ as stressors not previously reported in other studies.
14. The current study found a positive association between Mental Toughness and ________.
15. _________ utilized by esports athletes may more effectively handle stressors from factors outside their control.