Telling Moments and Couples Relationships Post-Test

Please complete the following questions. You must score at least an 80% or higher to pass the test. You have unlimited attempts to complete the test.

1. Relationships are comprised of all of the following EXCEPT
2. There are gaps in the literature on couples in the area of biography, socioeconomic factors, and _______ with regard to the relationship experience.
3. The proposed "moments" approach conceptualizes that _____ and _____ of relations interact and overlap.
4. Relationships illustrate, due to the past, present, and future, a(n) _____ dimension to the everyday.
5. The "everyday approach" utilizes ______ at it's core to analyze the relationship experience.
6. Diaries were used in the study to accomplish all of the following EXCEPT
7. Examples from client diaries as part of the "everyday approach" allow the uncovering of the ____ of the couple's intimate relationship.
8. Using the diary process of the "everyday approach" can assist the client in recognizing_______.
9. The study discussed in the text helps providers to become more "_____" at bringing out the complexities and uncertainty in ordinary things.
10. The study demonstrates the efficacy of _______.