The Trust Game for Couples (TGC): A New Standardized Paradigm To Assess Trust In Romantic Relationships Course Description (1 CE Hour)

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Course Description:

Trust between couples is a prerequisite for stable and satisfactory romantic relationships. However, there has been no valid research tool to assess partner-specific trust behavior including costly investments in the trustworthiness of the romantic partner. We here present a comprehensive validation of the newly developed Trust Game for Couples (TGC) by means of various self-report and implicit relationship-related measures. The TGC operationalizes trust by measuring an individual’s willingness to invest his or her own financial resources in pro-relationship attitudes of their romantic partner (collected by dichotomous responses to relationship-relevant items, e.g., answering yes to “I am absolutely sure that I love my partner”).  This 1 Hour CE course will explore how the TGC provides a novel, specific behavioral tool for a sensitive assessment of trust in dyadic relationships with potential for numerous research fields.

Course Developer:

Bryan Glazier,

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Course Text:

The Trust Game for Couples (TGC): A new standardized
paradigm to assess trust in romantic relationships

Kleinert, T., Schiller, B., Fischbacher, U., Grigutsch, L. A., Koranyi, N., Rothermund,
K., & Heinrichs, M. (2020). The Trust Game for Couples (TGC): A new
standardized paradigm to assess trust in romantic relationships. PloS
15(3), e0230776.

This article was used under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC) (

Course Objectives:

  1. Review the constructs of trust in romantic relationships.
  2. Examine the need for measuring trust behavior between romantic partners.
  3. Assess the validity of the Trust Game for Couple’s
  4. Explore the utilization of the Trust Game for Couple’s in assessing trust in intimate relationships.

Course Expiration:

April 2025