The Trust Game for Couples (TGC): A New Standardized Paradigm To Assess Trust In Romantic Relationships Post-Test

1. According to the text, major psychological theories view ___________________one of the most important qualities for developing and maintain long term romantic relationships.
2. The ____ model of trust represents it as a person-situation interaction with an interdependent romantic partner combining elements of trait and state.
3. According to research, high levels of self-reported trust in the romantic partner relate positively to ________ and ________.
4. All of the following are key elements of the constructs of trust EXCEPT
5. In the “classic” ecologically valid trust game, the “investor” transfers “money” to an individual and the individual can decide whether to share the profits with the investor or not. This “classic” trust game measures trust among ______.
6. In the Trust Game for Couples (TGC), the main idea is that trusting partner should be willing to invest their own financial resources in _________________ of their romantic partner.
7. Through dichotomous responses on the Trust Game for Couples, a _______ is calculated which represents the participants willingness to invest in their partner’s pro-relationship attitudes.
8. The study found that participants who have confidence concerning their partner’s pro-relationship attitudes display ________.
9. High trust scores were associated with high values on the _______ and _____ subscales of the PFB.
10. According to the text, The Trust Game for Couples can provide new insights into how trust behavior is all of the following EXCEPT