Traumatic Brain Injury Post-Test

Please complete the following questions. You must score at least an 80% or higher to pass the test. You have unlimited attempts to complete the test.

1. According to the text, the leading care of death and disability in children and young adults in the United States is___________.
2. The estimated annual cost of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in direct and indirect medical expenses is _____________.
3. TBI occurs when the brain experiences a _____________.
4. __________________ is when the skull is pierced and the object enters the brain tissue.
5. ___________________ refers to widespread damage to the brain’s white matter.
6. When a person “has their bell rung”, they may have a ______________.
7. All of the following are types of hematomas EXCEPT _____________.
8. According to the CDC, the most common cause of TBI is _____________.
9. Diagnosing a child with a TBI can be difficult due to __________________.
10. Treating a mild TBI may involve all of the following EXCEPT ______________.